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A bit about me...

I'm thrilled to tell you my journey, but the truth is that I just feel like a guy lucky enough to pick up a camera. It's been a wild ride and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I've been given along the way.

Don Morgan Photography and Video was created in 2000 from a desire to connect with people.  With my many infused styles and laid-back demeanor, I have earned a reputable name among my clients which range from Lawyers, Doctors, Judges and Business Professionals and major companies.

I have a passion for capturing a distinct look for Headshots.  I give 110% to every client by building a personal connection with them. I will not stop until I have a portrait perfect for your brand.

I attended Clark College with a degree in Music and Art.   After school, I took up photography as a hobby learning the craft from top photographers in the industry

In the past 20 or so years as a professional photographer, I've shot weddings, portraits, celebrities, products, buildings, headshots, animals, concerts and so much more.  Just look at my homepage and you'll see the breadth of my work.

Over time, I discovered that I have a unique talent for making people comfortable in front of the camera.  People I've photographed have told me again and again that they had more fun than they ever expected.

Photography is a story telling medium. I am a storyteller with a camera.


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